Taryn draws on her life experiences to deliver an inspirational message.

When Taryn Brumfitt isn’t at home with her husband and three children, you’re likely to find her at her second home – on stage, entertaining and enlightening an audience through her body image activism

  • Learn how to love your body
  • Break the rules & create meaningful success
  • Deepen your resilience to live a life that feels “Unstoppable”
  • How to successfully crowd fund your project
  • Developing & supporting children’s positive body image
  • Connecting – Finding your inner sparkle!

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Through media appearances, speaking engagements and online activism, Taryn is spreading the message that our bodies are more then ornaments, they are vehicles leading us towards our dreams.

What people are saying...

In a world full of false prophets, Taryn is the real deal. Wise, passionate and authentic, Taryn is on a mission to change the way women think about themselves. And how others view them.

Her brand of inspiring and actionable advice is transforming lives across the world and is exactly the movement for the moment. If there were any justice in the world, Taryn would be on all the front covers in the newsstands spreading happiness and hope.

Nigel Marsh Founder The Sydney Skinny, Co Founder - EARTH HOUR

Since joining ‘Mamamia’ as a regular blog contributor, it is evident that Taryn has a relentless passion for promoting positive body image to women all over the world.

The feedback we receive from Taryn’s regular contributions to Mamamia is overwhelmingly positive. Her passion, drive and determination to change the way women see their bodies has been inspirational.

Mia Freedman Journalist/Editor of Mamamia

Being in Taryn Brumfitt's audience is like riding a rollercoaster, as she navigates the heartbreaking lows of her relationship with her body and the sorts of highs that make you want to get up and punch your fist in the air and scream 'YES!'

Taryn's a powerhouse of presence. Dynamic and deeply passionate, she gets down and dirty in the trenches and tells the truth. She speaks the words so many of us women haven't had the courage to say out loud. And she shares how she found true love in what so many of us are led to believe is unlovable - the so-called imperfections left as a legacy of giving birth.

Tricia Karp Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

The GE Women’s Network highly values Taryn’s contribution to raising awareness of positive body image through The Body Image Movement, and believe she significantly impacts audiences that are fortunate enough to hear her message.

The feedback we have had her speaking engagement has been overwhelmingly positive, with many participants sharing their profound insights, shifts in mindset and empowerment to feel and act differently for the betterment of themselves, their daughters, their friends and family.

Not surprisingly, Taryn has rated as our most valued external speaker this year and we look forward to hosting future body image sessions within our organisation